Slottsfjell Music Festival

  • Slottsfjell Music Festival — Where the grass is greener 

    Slotsfjell is one of Norway's most legendary and longest-running music festival. For the 2018 edition, they needed a complete rebrand. We went head first into research of the festival area itself, Norwegian culture and festival history. Finally, the idea of making it into a tribe, a fairytale, came to us from the tower on the mountain. "May the city standing on the yard, blossom for a thousand years" is carved into the tower wall and is written by the famous writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. This quote became the starting point for our mystical and fairytale approach. It was also the inspiration for our logo type (the carving itself) and the logo symbol: Seeing Slottsfjell from a bird's point of view results in an eye – breathing literal life into the festival. Filling the festival to the brim with Norwegian idioms, Norwegian mountain hike references, humor and playful characters in the woods, we made Slottsfjell a into a small society and the weirdest, most bonkers mountain hike you can imagine.
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