• WHAT IF  White Night Melbourne / 2018
  • Summary of the process

    We were invited by the Art Director of White Night Melbourne, Mr. David Atkins to create a 3D projection mapping artwork for the largest and iconic facade of the Royal Exhibition Building. In quite a short time, based on the creative concept developed by David, we created our artistic concept, and for the first time, created a 3D model of the facade to be able to create a real architectural 3D projection mapping artwork. In addition to Limelight's core team, we invited an amazingly talented 3D artist, András Nagy aka XYZ to collaborate with us and create a part of the artwork with generative animations.
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    What If…

    Buildings came to life and transformed;
    Mythical, magical creatures were real;
    There was a 5th dimension;
    Spiritualty and higher consciousness had a visual presence;
    There was a portal to another, perfect world.
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    We couldn't do a site visit and had to solve the challenge of having the audience extremely close and far away from the building at the same time. The short time frame and the fact that we had never worked with an Australian festival before was also a challenge. 

    We managed to create an artwork that people were able to enjoy from different perspectives and even encouraged them to go and see it both from close and far away, which is not often a possibility at most locations. We probably gave some hard time to the festival organizers by not being able to show them our final artwork long before the festival opened but seeing the feedback of both the audience and the press we hope they forgave us for that!​​​​​​​

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    Based on the 3D scan provided by the festival, our building modeling partner,
    Dániel Szalkó created the accurate 3D model of the façade that we used
    in the animation developed for the building. The white dots of the generative part that are
    later connected and form a human figure are dots selected from the point cloud
    of the 3D scan – not random dots in the air but elements of the architecture in 3D.


    Creative theme  David Atkins / White Night Melbourne
    Creative concept  István Dávid, Csaba Világosi, Viktor Vicsek
    Art Director  Csaba Világosi Technical supervisor → Viktor Vicsek
    3D modeling  Dániel Szalkó Producer  István Dávid
    3D animators   Kornélia Csikós, Katalin Katona, Viktor Vicsek,
    Csaba Világosi, Ivó Kovács, András Nagy aka XYZ
    Character animation  Bálint Benkovits, Music  AMB
    Sound design  Fine Cut Bodies
    Projectors and technical execution  Electric Canvas