Cookie Break Package

  • Cookie Break
    Packaging for a new line of organic products.
    It is a healthy complex snack-set:
    cookies, natural yogurt and homemade jam (kiwi, cherry or orange).
    All ingredients are organic and VERY fresh.

    Three cardboard tubes are placed on top of each other inside of a shrink-wrapped container.
    All brand information is printed on the wrapper.
    The tubes contain only a photo of the content and a description of the product.

    When the customer is removing the wrapper,
    he/she is metaphorically getting free from the chains of the urban hustle and haste
    and is left alone with the product.

    Target audience: well-off people who live in big cities and care about what they eat.
  • Project team:
    Tatiana Rusalovskaya
    Artem Maslov
    Alya Lugovaya
    Stas Semin
    3D modelling:
    Vladimir Pospelov