Urban – Shifting Cities

  • Urban – Shifting Cities

    Cities are undergoing a shift in their urban and social structure since decades. More people than ever are searching for a better life in cities – which isn't always given. By 2050 more than two thirds of earths population is presumably going to live in cities. What are the challenges that are coming and are already present since many years? How are cities and their structures changing? And how are cities developing around the globe?

    «Urban – Shifting Cities» shows the cities London, Tokyo, Dhaka and Lagos. In a room installation all four of the cities and their development over the centuries is shown. Without showing emotional and tragic urban live, but only a new view on urban change. They are being compared in their size, population at given times, meaningful events through their history – all without preferring one of them or judging by their current state.

    A look back into history to see how these four prominent cities have become what they are today and where they are possibly heading in the future.

    Project for the Bachelor of Arts at the University of applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany.​​​​​​​
  • Under the supervision of:
    Prof. Claudia Frey 
    Prof. Uli Braun

    February 2018
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