• The company is a Early company in the field of real estate investment.
    And aspires to be the leading company and the first in this field.
    The company is interested in its beginning in the Arab region and the company is characterized by ease of work and speed and honesty.

  • The purpose of the brand's establishment is to develop clear and coordinated messages that can be easily expressed and transferred as the distinctive brand contains different messages that communicate with many audiences.

    Here the shape is based on the strength and integrity of the elements within the logo. And the expression of luxury and sophistication. When looking at the void, the image of a person shows above the head of a crown.

    This is an expression of the one who deals with "Abouz" and is of high status and deserves to be a prince and to express that investment with us leads you to a high position. And look at the letter A that he is not only a person and a crown, but a light comes from above the person to express that he is like the stars and high status
    Here, the shield is a symbol of safety "always with us in safety"

    The nation will be in safety and from the lucky "kings" who have worked with the company
    These colors have been chosen to be more vibrant and symbolize the height, height and height. When the color of the logo changes to white or black, it is noticed that it is preserved as a gouge, where any logo is measured when the colors are colored. He categorized it as a strong slogan.

  • Configuration

  • Colors

  • Typography

    Font AmpleSoft

    AmpleSoft is a softer version derived from Ample type family. AmpleSoft is a display type family, optical mono linear and a bit squarish in nature. It has smooth curve instead of sharp angle formed by the junction of two strokes, which is a prominent feature of its design. It is designed to be a little eye-catching yet legible. It has clear and distinguishable letterforms, which helps to elaborate and emphasis the message. It is graphically strong and command viewerís attention. The overall appearance of type is suitable in setting it as heading, title, headline, etc. The type family consists of six weights viz. Thin, ExLight, Light, Regular, Medium and Bold. Considering the nature of this type family, italics have been excluded. AmpleSoft is designed by Aakash Soneri in the year 2014.