People usually find joy in music. Among many ways to listen to music, using one speaker is somewhat inconvenient when connecting it to other devices. However, “tevol” was designed taking care of accessibility to mobile phone that everybody carries on their bodies, and it is an objet with which you can enjoy music using blutooth while charging. 

  • Now that every smartphone is moving towards wireless power,
    it only makes sense that the charging pads we use serve more than one purpose

  • Only slightly larger than a traditional charging pad, it features a 360-degree speaker system integrated into the plate. Touch-sensitive controls allow you to adjust volume or song selection directly from the device. Using Qi-standard tech, it gives your phone a quick, wireless boost while blasting your playlist.

  • This charging pad doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite tune
    s while you power up.

  • Thank you for watching.
    2018.06 Project

    Design by Hyeong Seop, Lee