Have a delivery, have a choice. Infographic report

  • Have a delivery, have a choice.
    Analysis inside the system of public and private sector in Italy.
    The data and documents analyzed show us how in Italy, country with an elevate rate
    of caesarean section, exist a narrow correlation between the different sector
    of healthcare (private and public) and the percentage of C-section effectuated.
    Results, that in Italy the higher percentage of C-section is registered inside
    of private sector healthcare.
    This data has give more straight to our vision of the important and central role
    of private sector healthcare inside our system of actors and relations, bring us to investigate deeply this controversial and determine the following research question:
    in Italy, why does the majority of C-section occur at private hospitals than at the public ones?
    Defined the research question we individuated a research protocol that could let us to better investigate the phenomenon trough the analysis of numerous digital data inside the internet network. In this phase internet has represented the main source for the comprehension of our topic.
    Project by: Tiziana Alocci, Federico Biraghi, Elena Fiorentini, Dimitri Nube, Daniela Sonia Pessot, Sara Porco.
    Politecnico di Milano – Scuola del Design
    Communication Design – Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale C3 – a.y. 2012|13
    Professors: Paolo Ciuccarelli, Stefano Mandato, Donato Ricci, Tommaso Venturini, Salvatore Zingale.
    Teaching Assistant: Matteo Azzi, Michele Mauri, Azzurra Pini.