Scappi, Branding/Visual identity

    Kind has developed the visual and emotional identity for Italian pasta brand Scappi. 
    The goal for the brand is to inspire great cooking, based on Italian traditions.

    Scappi consists of a collection of high-quality products that have been hand-picked to share the exquisite taste of authentic Italian cuisine. The pasta is made in bronze moulds and dried at a low temperature, in the traditional Italian way. Using the very best ingredients helps Scappi to recreate some of the magic that Bartolomeo Scappi created for no less a figure than Pope Pius V in 1570.

    The company's mission to inspire is taken from the landmark cookery book ‘Opera dell’arte del culinare'.
    In 1570, Bartolomeo Scappi wrote a monumental cookery book called 'Opera dell’arte del cucinare', which contains more than 1,000 recipes typical of Italian Renaissance cuisine. It has given us great insight into 16th century Italian cooking. The Scappi brand takes its inspiration from this Renaissance chef's extreme dedication to the culinary art. Scappi looks for the best ingredients and the best starting point for creating magical dinners.