Exitium Milano / GPSme

  • common ground / ˈkä-mən ˈgrau̇nd / noun
    a basis of mutual interest of or agreement

    The city has defined itself, since its origin, as a double territory with two qualities: to form a delimited space and, within that space, to connect to other territories. The elements of the city evolve in time, allowing its territory to grow out of its geographical and tangible limits.  As a delimited space, it develops a public perception, not only visible (with the right to be overseen) but also accessible (with the right to be visited and experienced) by its inhabitants.

    Klaus Fruchtnis and  Pau Garcia have defined the city of Milan as a common ground for exploration and development for their residency projects. After a couple of weeks working in the field, the artists have reached a common field where they have encountered many intersections to explore together. Their common goal is to discover an intimate city - the one reserved for the inhabitants - a space of flanerie (sauntering) and wandering where a memory of a place can become very personal, whilst at the same time add to the collective definition of the identity of that same place, and the city as a whole.

    GPSme and Exitium go beyond the bounds of any assumptions about forms. The projects highlight and converge on a personal point of view to describe the joint conjunction of form and consciousness as a collective perception.
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