Perfektionismus und die Schönheit des Scheiterns

  • Perfectionism does not only promote procrastination, but also benefits mental issues like depression. Considering that working in the creative industry is about aesthetics and trends, the creative perfection seems to be more subjective than in any other occupation. Nevertheless the urge for improvement is a driving power for creativity. It inspires to scrutinize existing things and to improve them subsequently. Therefore the fear of failure is omnipresent as well: Seeking for perfection is a major approach of risk avoidance, however this fear inhibits our ingenuity. So how can we achieve a balance between optimum and imperfection in creativity? 

    The bookazine »Perfektionismus und die Schönheit des Scheiterns*« elucidates what causes the issues of perfectionism and shows how people with creative daily occupations think and feel about this matter. It points out the varieties of perfectionism and the necessity of failure.

    *Perfectionism and the Beauty of Failure

  • Perfektionismus und die Schönheit des Scheiterns 
    Die Jagd nach (Un-)Vollkommenheit in der Kreativbranche

    Perfectionism and the Beauty of Failure 
    Striving for (Im-)Perfection in the Creative Industry

    Design & Concept / Lara Resch 
    2018, FH Dortmund / Dominik Lanhenke

    Typeface Sneak by Fabian Fohrer
    144 Pages / Swiss Brochure / Open Stitch Binding
    German / English

    Alma Haser / Benedikt Ulrich / Dominique Falla / Frank Berzbach / Heinrich Paravicini / James Greig  / Jan Wischermann / Judit Dombovari / Karl Rosenkranz / Linda Nißlbeck / Nils Spitzer / Peter Breuer / &c.