Editorial illustrations 2018

  • Hello!

    Here's mix of my editorial illustrations for various clientsHope you enjoy it!
    All of them are from 2018.

    thanks for watching!
  • Editorial illustration for @Pismo magazine
    The article was about the exploitation, oppression and injustice at work. 
  • Set of editorial illustrations for Brown Alumni Magazine USA.
    Article inspired by a book "Why You Eat What You Eat" written by @Rachel Herz
  • "Pismo" Magazine,  editorial illustration for a summer tale.
  • Editorial illustration for Nature UK.
    "The battle behind the periodic table’s latest additions"
    Art Direction: Jasiek Krzysztofiak
  • Editorial illustration for newest issue of Pismo magazine.
    Story was about Racism in the US.
  • Editorial illustration for newest issue of Newsweek Polska Psychologia.
    Article was about, yes, you guessed it - the internet and the danger of self-titled experts of everything.
  • And also I did an editorial illustration for Newsweek Polska Psychology magazine, about real fear of Authoritarianism.
  • Editorial piece for Zwierciadło 
    Article was about advantages of self-healing and to trust more in yourself rather than take pills for everything. 🗯️