Pessoa, o homem que era muitos.

  • The Man who was many men.

    This is a project in which the purpose was to pay homage to an artist (illustrator, filmaker etc) or even a movie by itself, a reference or a quote of my choice by making an author book.
    I chose to pay homage to a great portuguese poet called Fernando Pessoa because, as the title suggests, he was not only himself, but also many other individuals he created in his mind, giving them a name, writing style, physical appearance and personality - his heteronyms.

    So, I selected some parts of the poems which I find more meaningful and illustrated them: the result is a very personal interpretation of the poet's work, with illustrations and quotes.
    I used very sketchy and fuzzy graphics to make an approach to the poet's figure, accordingly with this being a metaphor to some notebook you would write on in a Café. 
    Some pages unfold into more "hidden" illustrations.
    The notebook follows an order in which the poet himself is presented, and then the 3 most important and developed heteronyms: Álvaro de Campos (known by his phases of depression and hysteria, represented graphically in the respective leaflet), Alberto Caeiro (the master of them all due to his simplicity) and finally Ricardo Reis (the placid one).