• Camia&Gianna

  • A young brand for young women. Fashionable, stylish, and classy, Camia & Gianna plan to offer handcrafted accessories and jewellery for the South Indian market. What will set them apart from a scene that is dominated by traditional designs is a strong western influence. The brand naming, packaging and logo design reflect this trait.

    Women in Spanish America used to adorn themselves with fragrant Camia flowers, which were also used to carry secret messages in colonial times. The name Camia thus suggests fragrance, secrecy and intricacy while being so simple in its pronunciation. Gianna is a common European first name. The logo design combines the initials C and G in a geometrically pleasing arrangement, using font families originating in Helvetica. This not only suggests the brand's modern character, but also makes it versatile for application across media.

    Design Director: Pixl_Knight
    Copywriter: Javed Imtiaz
    Agency: Yara Communications

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