Pinterest Workshop

  • As a Pinsider (pinterest influencer), Pinterest invited me to create anything at their new workshop space, and I thought it was a great idea to create a stop motion video with my paper crafts. I went to the workshop with my amazing team/friends, Andrea Agudelo: Who is a Mandala lover and author of a mandala coloring book, she has traveled the world looking for inspiration for her books, so we thought it was a great idea to put our passions together and I had the challenge to recreate a mandala out of paper. Jose Soto was our photographer and Valeria Sandoval our editor. We had so much fun at the workshop!
  • Here is the first draft for the Mandala that I created in Illustrator as a template to know the size of each paper element. 
  • The workshop is an amazing space, really creative and fun, full of inspiration. We built the paper objects together at the workshop, and then took the pictures for the stop motion.
  • We finally posted the video in some of our social media accounts. I love creating art, even if it is not for a real life client. Having the opportunity to freely create a video with my friends at an amazing and beautiful space was really inspiring.