EMI Production Music - KPM Motivation Station

  • Clients: EMI Production Music / Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Art Direction: Mart Biemans​​​​​​​
    Digital Art: Mart Biemans

    EMI Production Music – a division of Sony/ATV Music Publishing – is renowned as a market leader across the globe and is home to prolific music labels KPM, Music House, Juice, Ded Good and many more. Our music is specifically created for use in media and, using our rich history and acute expertise, we dedicate ourselves to continually providing fresh and relevant content for our clients worldwide.

    An album of anthems for the risk takers, for the heroes, the champions and the winners. The album needs to feel ultra-fresh in its production but also gritty and carry the full weight, excitement and underdog-ness energy of the world of sports. 
  • The artwork:
  • Details:
  • For the final artwork I had to use a mandatory template which involved the 'kpm' logo and typography with the title. I incorporated this by making it look a little like the runner is crossing a finishing line. More album covers with the same template can be found here.  
  • I started the artwork in vector, I really like to draw in Adobe Illustrator and it suits my style of drawing more then Photoshop. However when it comes to adding effects and movement I prefer Photoshop, so once the drawing of the model was done I did the rest in there. 
  • The making of:

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