CODEX MONITUM | MA Graphic Design Thesis

  • Codex Monitum
    Graphic Design MA Thesis 2018
    Written and Illustrated by Antonia Corduneanu

    The present work is a visual essay, warning about a probable future. 
    The scientific world acknowledges some radical changes in the human brain due to our interaction with technology. Digitization makes the lines between reality and the virtual world blurred, thus creating a hyper-reality.The illustrations narrate about a posthumanist and post-singularity future and have not been assigned to an existing text that could interfere with their intrinsic meaning. Therefore I have created a new code inspired by The Braille Alphabet. This similarity has a deeper meaning as well, talking about a blind world, that doesn't see the dramatic paradigm shifts that are occurring and carries on living without asking questions and looking for the deeper meaning of things. The self-imposed restriction to black and white represents the duality of this world, the only colorful contrast present is the holographic foil, that suggests the temptation and luring of the virtual world.
    The future is now.