Tohoku Zine Travelogue

  • Beneath The Surface is an infrequent zine that documents topics and travels of interest, with the inaugural issue about Ryan's life changing trip to Tohoku, an area badly hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
  • The photo zine is packed with many tip-ins and surprises, encouraging people to look beneath the surface of these photographs and illustrations to uncover more about the back story.
  • Looking Beneath The Surface

    This issue features a french fold binding, allowing readers to peek between the pages and beneath the surface, uncovering his thoughts.

  • A Lucky Charm

    The sea bream is a common lucky symbol in Japan. This sea bream has been recreated without permission from a 'Furaiki' 「福来旗」found at Saikichi Shoten. He hopes that this lovely illustrated bookmark can become a lucky charm for the readers!
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