The Next – Public Transport App

  • the next
  • Simple yet useful app that always knows the answer to one question – what time does my next bus leave?
  • In September 2017 we started working on The N3XT as a side project. We wanted to create a simple app for ourselves, that once told where we are going, would not need any additional input every day and  just answer the most bothering question every morning – when is my next bus?
  • moodboard
  • At the beginning of the product design process, we gathered bunch of inspirations that drove us through the project and helped us catch the moment.
  • branding
  • The identity along with a look and feel of the app are strongly inspired by the New York City Subway System that even though it’s over 50 years old, still remains as one of the greatest.

  • On the other side, the color palette of the project was inspired by vehicles of the public transportation in Wrocław.

  • the app
  • With The N3XT we wanted to deliver the information about next leaving tram or bus as fast as possible to the passenger, we wanted to eliminate a need to type in the start and the end stations of the route, that for most don’t change every day.

    We solved the problem by saving the route within an app and presenting the time whenever the app is opened. to answer the question faster, we took it one step further and prepared a widget.

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    The app is available on the AppStore. At this moment it works only in Wrocław, Poland. 
    Type in the stops Rynek and Zoo to see it in action.​​​​​​​