Easy to Use Toolkit For Educators | DesignSingapore

  • A highly illustrative reference guide designed for educators to facilitate design thinking lessons.
  • Design Thinking may be fairly new and a hard topic to wrap heads around for some educators, not to mention having to teach these skillsets to their students. The Design Thinking Field Guide aims to provide educators with an easy-to-use reference for facilitating design thinking lessons with their students, in hopes to develop and instil problem-solving skills, empathetic thinking and critical and creative thinking in them.

    The chunky 60 page word document is broken down into easy-to-use reference through clear visual hierarchy and illustrations to aid in communicating key pointers visually. Chapter dividers and key learning objectives of each chapter is also marked out by the use of narrow pages, breaking the flow of reading to bring emphasis to those contents.

    The field guide is printed as loose sheets and consolidated in a ring binder folder, allowing the client to easily update the field guide to add or replace contents.
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