Peru 1978 Wall Art Print

  • Peru 1978 Wall Art Print
  • Year: 2018
    Client: Art of Sport
    Creatives: Ryan Len
  • Coming in first place in 2010 ESPN list of the “Best World Cup jerseys of all time”, Peru’s 1978 version of their jersey features a red sash through the shirt, commended as a simple yet strikingly effective piece of design.

    The poster celebrates this achievement, adopting the iconic red sash into the year “78”, and designed akin to the back view of a jersey.

    Poster design for Art of Sport: World Cup 2018 series.

    Art of Sport

    Art of Sport is a series of limited edition, living-room worthy prints that brings a modern design aesthetic to your favorite team, while subtly incorporating team history, colours, names, and mythology.

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