McDonald's Australia Workplace Safety

  • McDonald's AU Workplace Safety — Visual Identity

    McDonald's Australia held a competition to design a new visual identity for their Workplace Safety Department. I designed every part of this identity from the logo to the layouts which became shortlisted and received recognition. 
  • Above: Final sketches of research and development phase.
  • The logo embodies McDonald's goal of a safe and cohesive workplace which promotes the well-being of employees. The person in the logo resembles a McDonald's employee who feels valued and cared because he is working in a healthy environment with safe work practices.
  • Using a grid layout system, the Workplace Safety Department can use this as a template to make any future booklet covers on concepts (left), training booklet covers (middle) or event visuals for presentations / talks (right). The logo is always present at the bottom as a sign of certification while the date and topic (or campaign title) is at the top to give context.

    This not only creates a unified design language for the Workplace Safety Dept. but also condenses information to view at a glance.
  • The grid guidelines make use of a three-tiered information hierarchy scheme — the dominant element is of course the bold and enlarged titles, the subdominant being the outlined (rectangle box) heading underneath (eg. training booklet, presentation) and lastly the subordinate features include elements such as the logo, date and campaign title.

    As a result, this directs the viewer's attention to focus on the vital information at first glance.

  • Above: Early explorations from research and interviews.
  • Credits
    Samuel Wee (Consultant)
    The Design Kids Perth