H.A.R.D. magazine

  • The magazine consists of four sections, each of it has an opening spread with photos about part 
    abandoned zones at the school.
  •  There are four main types of contents in the magazine, each of it impacts on the layout type.
  •  Layout and grid system of H.A.R.D. magazine.
  •  Portfolio-type article about jewellery series of Hse Art and Design students. Concept of photography — Ksenia Ermakova, Alexandra Kuznetsova, photography — Anastasia Kolesnichenko.
  •  Portfolio-type articles about main discipline projects of Hse Art and Design students. The aim was not only to show the pictures of projects, but to put them in the material matters environment. For this purposes scans of papers, folders, etc was used. 
    Projects shown in articles — illustration' students; Tatiana Egoshina; May Ainsel.
  •  Fashion-type articles. Photography in articles by Polina Lobanova, Daniel Shapoval, Evgeniya Potah. Clothes by fashion students of Hse Art
    and Design School.
  •  Masters-type articles. Includes interviews. Photography in articles by students of Hse Art and Design School.
  •  Guest star-type articles. Includes lots of visuals and partly interviews/texts. Photography in article behind provided by Outlaw.
  •  Special font by Alexandra Kuznetsova feat Ksenia Ermakova was developed for headlines in tag-type articles. Look forward to its soon release!
  •  Tag-type articles are the mixture of different great projects upon one topic. Projects can be united by a visual form/prevailing color or by concept. Projects shown in articles — Luybov Kotlyarova; Veronika Boglay; Alexandra Chindyaskina; Ksenia Kim; Alfidia Kuchukbaeva; Khalida Ahmetshina.
  •  Essay-type articles are the mostly textual parts supplemented by images.
  •  Hse Art and Design School newspaper. The layout suggest a large cover illustration. Cover illustration above: Karina Yazylyan. 
  •  Hse Art and Design School booklet. Involves a more classic selection of content. The booklet presents education profiles of Hse Art and Design School. Cover illustration above: Karina Yazylyan. 
  •  Huge thanks to the greatest tutor Alexandra Kuznetsova