Mossery × Kinokuniya 15th Anniversary Stationery

  • Mossery commemorates the 15th Anniversary of Kinokuniya Malaysia with a dual themed limited edition stationery set named Rain and Shine. Shine is characterised by bright colours and bold patterns to represent sunlight and brightness, while Rain by sober hues to portray a soothing, contemplative rainy mood. Both are weathers celebrated by book lovers for the specific atmosphere that they elicit, a design concept in tune with the bookstore's aim to promote a lifestyle of reading. Each unique pack includes a Furoshiki-inspired wrapper, pocket notebook, notepad, undated planner and custom stickers.

  • CL: Kinokuniya Malaysia
    AD: Liow Heng Chun
    GD: Lim Jun Yuen, Vivian Loh, Liow Heng Chun
    IL: Vivian Loh
    Photo Courtesy: Mossery (

    2015, Malaysia