• VOY
    -City EV
    Designed by Kwanjun Ryu
  • Voy is Electric vehicle and also Taxi service at the same time. This car makes you not to own your car. Voy is not just a Taxi service, but has the goal of providing a pleasant driving time for the user when traveling. Whenever you call Voy, this boy will come to pick you up and go.

  • Voy has six 3d cameras. These six cameras convert the surrounding environment into a 360 degree image, enabling him to react to unexpected situations.
  • Voy has unique face. When you set the starting point and destination with smart phone, the nearest Voy will call you by name or ID through the screen. After you found your Voy, touch the screen, which located on the door, like unlocking your phone.
  • The interior of the Voy is simple. That's why it's a place where you can do everything. The more passengers there are, the more th  interior should not limit the user's behavior. Wide seat for two, a space for legs, and a large screen will be a comfortable space fo  everyone.

  • Run private mode when you don’t want enjoy the cityscape. The glass becomes opaque and creates space for you. Of course, you can also watch movies on a big screen through a dark panoramic glass when you are in private mode 

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    Modeling Powered by Rhinoceros