Paper-Craft editorial "Langley's Gin"

  • I created a multi-layered paper craft display piece for the gin brand Langley’s, who put together an event for World Gin Day, asking a handful of artists from the Paper Artist Collective to create a bespoke piece inspired by their cocktails’ main ingredients. I got commissioned to produce a paper showpiece depicting “Lemons & Oranges”.

    I hand painted & speckled the paper fruit to make it come alive, and layered up on the details of the cut wedges. The gin bottle containing all the paper ingredients is 3D and the lemon & orange leaves are layered and suspended to create depth.
    All the paper-elements are life-sized and framed within a large A2 box frame.
    My paper artwork will be on display in Central London,
    Date and time of the event still to be confirmed.
  • Close Ups:
  • Final Framed Artwork:
  • Work In Progress:
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