The Gnome Universe

  • The Gnome Universe

    'The Gnome Universe' is a personal project started by Mariana Ikuta and Eric Pautz. Mariana created the characters and the original watercolours, and Eric developed the digital illustrations that take place in the same world. 

    The larger illustration in this series is also inspired by the #childhoodweek initiative, started by Beatrice Blue. It's meant as an answer to the 'universe' brief of day 3.
  • 1 — 'The Gnome Universe'
  • 1 — The Gnome Universe — Detail Shots
  • 2 —  Red
  • "Red"  — This is the original illustration that inspired the project.
  • 3 — 'Tiny moons'
  • 4 — Initial Character Sketches
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