Space for Visual Research

  • Space for Visual Research

    Lecturer / Markus Weisbeck Professor
    Team | 朱俊達 Chun-Ta Chu , 黃詮順 Steven Chuan-Shun Huang
  • 《After The Third Vodka》
    Poster by 黃詮順 Steven Chuan-Shun Huang
  • 《Princess Consort's Secret》
    Poster by 朱俊達 Chun-Ta Chu

  • The Space for Visual Research Workshop

    Participation in a visual workshop held by NTUST.
    Professor Markus Weisbeck instructed us how to expand our possibility of visual design with a brand-new creation mechanical experiment, instead of under the restriction of computer software.
    At first, we had to seek for a method which can and cannot be controlled to produce image. Next, we explored the possibility of the shapes and graphs, created an image and then expanded the characteristic of the image for a movie poster.

    Organizer  | National Taiwan University of Science and Technology​​​​​​​

  • 《Synthetic》
    The result comes from the experiment of ink, prism, plastic wrap and bubble water. It is photographed by iPhone with micro lens with no additional photoshop.

  • 《Dimension》
    We experimented and explored with steel wire, prism and the sway of water and refraction of light.

  • 《Stars》
    We used glue, paillette and transparent PVC to create the image by means of the refraction of lights and the reflection of objects.

  • Awards
    2018 Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee - Selected