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    VI Designed for a one-year-duration lecture event.

    The event calls for the attention on HIV. Lectures are held not only to express the correct concept but to collect the voice of people. The topic focus on human rights, medical treatment, public health, drug addiction, psychology, philosophy and so on. It is hoped that the infected can walk out of shadow, the non-infected can understand them in a right way.

    Based on the condition of one lecture for a month, the figures extend to 12 different images, paired up with 12 months. The visual image expresses the idea of “diffusion” ranged from panel discussion, expression to voice, blood, and flows. It is expected to convey the voice of minority to the society, and reduce the stigmatization about HIV.


    Graphic Designer / 朱俊達Chu Chun-Ta
    Animation / 詹游丞Yo-Cheng Zheng
    Music / Alex
    Copywriter / 陳威圻Egg Wei Chen
    Project Manager/ 陳威圻Egg Wei Chen
    Client / 感染誌HIV Story
    Macau Design Biennial 2019 - Selected