• Genesis

    Genesis is a typographic immersive three-screen projection with a narrative based on Taiwanese essayist Lung Ying-Tai's 1994 book Children, Take Your Time (孩子你慢慢来). A sentence in her book reads,“孩子将我带回人类的原始起点,在漠漠穹苍和莽莽大地之间,我正在亲身参与那石破天惊的创世纪”, which translates to English as "My child has taken me back to the origin of human existence, within this vastness between Heaven and Earth, I am engaging in the earth-shattering, heaven-battering act of Genesis".  The author compares a mother's conception and companionship of her child to Genesis. GENESIS attempts to narrate this profound sentiment with type in motion.

    Exhibited on May 29th, 2018 @ Experimental Digital Arts (EDA) at UCLA Broad Art Center