Hardcoding:Redshift Study

  • This project started last year in August as a small exercise in between projects to learn more about redshift render engine and its material system with no specific direction in mind,  but it quickly extended into a full blown project and a rich learning experience to master photorealism, atmospheric lighting and the technical aspects of redshift, every time i learned a new technique i applied it to the same project.

    It's nowhere near the level i wished it to be, but I got eventually bored from iterating it over and over so i just decided to post it share some of the assets and move on. 

    Most of the The modeling was done in Moi3d then imported to C4d for extra Sub-d details, 90% of the texturing was procedural, I pushed the level of details as much i could to test the stability of redshift, and it handled everything with ease. 

    For any questions contact me via email : elitegd@outlook.com

    The amazing FUI Design elements used here were made by the UI Artist Bruno William From his Project D-PARC

    Make sure to check out his works here https://www.behance.net/BrunoWilliam

  • C4D Scene Download https://gumroad.com/l/vRbTN
    Materials Pack Download https://gumroad.com/l/qRFLh
    Material Mini Pack Download https://gumroad.com/l/tkVwc
  • First render ever that fooled Reddit into thinking this was a real place
  • Lighting Setup type 1 : One High intensity light source coming from the camera direction, and dull muted color scheme and lot of imperfections.  

  • Redshift Volumetrics are incredibly easy to setups and quick to render, however the lack of post effects within redshift made the look dev process a bit slow compared to other engines where it's easy to nail down your lighting setup while activating the post fx, so you get a pretty clear idea about the final result.
    As a workaround i relied on Randomcontrol ArionFX post FX plugin which works great and support 32 bit format with a powerful HDR tone-mapping control and lense effects for Nuke, AfterEffects and Photoshop as well
  • i had lot of fun working with the bokeh in redshift as it delivers a very realistic dof and lot of control over it
  • Some of the first redshift draft renders ever with arion post, i discarded this direction of vibrant/ glowy look and feel early on since i was aiming for "photorealism" in terms of lighting and texturing, so I had to follow the direction of dark, gritty and atmospheric scene, something that's more grounded to reality.
  • Few Closeups for details
  • Lighting Setup type 2 : Dark Cinematic Mood
  • some of the assets and shader look dev that i made along the way