Equu - Corporate identity

  • Corporate design for Equu
    Equu is a new and modern technical service provider in The Netherlands. The company has knowledge and experience for managing buildings to prepare them for a sustainable and digital future. Equu is part of one of the largest technical service providers in the North of the Netherlands. The services are focused on; planning and realization of climate and energy objectives, improving building and energy performance. They use predictive sensors to determine the performance of the installations in a building.
  • Corporate design for Equu
    The name Equu stands for Energy, Quality and you (U). Inspired by a plug that has a direct and solid association with electricity. The plug is according to the design technique of 'negative space'. Equu symbolizes: planning and realization of energy and climate objectives and goals.

  • Recognizable symbol 
    The symbol or icon is abstract, clean, minimal, easy to recognize and easy to use.
    The 'EQ' icon is like a stamp that guarantees the quality of the service and products. 

  • Typography and colors
    The font that is being used in the logo is Din Alternate Bold. It's a modern, professional en friendly to read font. The colors of the logo are a dark navy blue color combined with a light sky blue color. These colors are based on the parent company - so clients can easily recognize the connection. 

  • Icons 
    The icons are made to support the text. They symbolize the key values.

    The first three icons are the Equu name values: Energy, Quality and You.  
    Working values are the three icons: Analyse, Advice and Optimizing.

  • Use

    Based on the new corporate identity many products have been made. 

    From Tri-Fold Brochures to a set of different banners for business fairs. 

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