• My dear boy                                               TYPOGRAPHY AND HUMAN VOICE
    2017         105x180mm                                                                            Love Letters

    TYPEFACE: Bluu Next, Maax, Scala.

    PUBLISHED IN: 1998.

    Redesign of a same-titled book by Rictor Norton, My dear boy is “an anthology of gay love letters documenting the heartbreak and joy of love between men for almost two thousand years.

    This richly diverse collection of letters illustrates the basic theme of romantic love: infatuation, longing, sex, separation, the fear of rejection, jealousy, the joy of reunion, celebration, and debates about “marriage” and “infidelity” in gay relationships. Whether the affairs were stormy or tender, they are, above all, testimonials to an enduring love.”

    Beside, an Instagram account @mydearboy_ was created to promote it and help to reach the target audience, keeping them curious and engaged.