• Terror & Profit is a critical and speculative publication project developed as a continuation and partner to The Spark that Lit the World on Terror publication, which was the first iteration of my MA Communication Design research project.
    Terror & Profit investigates U.S. government and military involvement in the Persian Gulf spanning back to the Cold War era by focusing on various climactic events that have shaped US–Middle Eastern history thus far. The book explores the relevance of the geo-political theories of James Burnham from the late 1940s with the historical First and Second Gulf Wars, and the aftermath of the Afghanistan War, tracking the rise of terror, and it's co-relation with the U.S. military-industrial complex. The publication utilizes data visualization and curation of existing material as the basis of its content and to support it's statements, including: various government and intelligence service documents, newspaper and journalist articles, photographic evidence, political essays, data sets and relational graphics.
  • Softcover
    Keaykolour Parchment 90gsm
    Kaskad Rosella Red 100gsm
    Note: This project was completed as part of my MA Communication Design thesis at RMIT University.
    It was produced entirely for academic purposes, and is not for sale.​​​​​​​

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