Selected project for the Arquin Fad Awards
    Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona
    Stand design for the Saló de l'Ensenyament 2011
    The project's coal was to represent the working
    method of a designer in space.
    Understanding the pencil as the basis projection tool,
    we decided to work BIG. Through this, we created methacrylate walls containing 34.000 milled pencils, forming a grid that generated different effects depending on the viewer's angle.
    Oriol Rius
    Xavi Roca
    Oriol Castellar
    Alex Ortega
    Sonia Blanco
    Tanya Pedra
    Comunicació Elisava
    Daniel Cid
    Albert Fuster
    Javier Peña
    Hiroshi Tsuonda
    Ramon Benedito