Evaluna Montaner music video

  • Music Video for Evaluna Montaner
  • With this video we wanted to illustrate the feeling of being unconditionally loved. It is something that other people can't see, but you feel like you are living in a complete different world (an imaginary one), life is magical and you see colors everywhere. Evaluna's heart is overflowing with happiness.
  • we made a camera out of paper especially for Evaluna to add more magic, colors and details to our imaginary world. She is capturing happy moments throughout the video
  • we used the stop motion technique to bring the characters that live in her magic world to the video: butterflies, flowers, starfishes, giraffes, ladybugs, zebras and more. The video was shot in Temecula, California and in a professional video studio.
  • Directed by Marlene Rodriguez / Art director: Melissa Arbelaez / Producer: Sara Escobar / Photographer and Videographer: Caroline Sleeper / Animation and Postproduction: Sara Escobar, Melissa Arbelaez and Vince. Licensed by Sony Music Latin.