Constantin Brâncuși – Editorial

  • Brando Corradini                   Personal project
                                                  Constantin Brâncuși – Editorial

  • In this project of mine I have treated the works of the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, considered 
    one of the greatest of all time. I have a great admiration 
    for him, daughter of sentiment and of the philosophy of life that has aroused great wonder in my spirit. 
    Everything in the life of Brancusi and in his works fascinates me. There are those who argue that Brancusi is among 
    the creators of modern art, but what amazes is above 
    all the creative path of his thought. In fact, I believe that the artist should not be a prisoner of only sculpture, painting, poetry or music, but must teach dedication, constancy and above all his artistic thought without constraints, links or compromises. I treated this great artist because I love 
    his humility, his simplicity and his wisdom. Because, finally, 
    I like him ..."I don't believe in creative torment. 
    The purpose of art is to create joy. 
    It's artistically created only in equilibrium and inner peace. "

  • Brando Corradini
    Art Director & Graphic Designer – Visual Communication

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