Works in Progress CalArts Graphic Design Program Show

  • Works in Progress
    CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018 

    What is Progress to us?
    It is growth, development of ideas and craft. Connecting meaning to form. Developing an eye for composition. It takes time. It means failure in order to learn. It is an ongoing journey. We invite you to appreciate the immense growth and progress of the CalArts Graphic Design students. We are all works in progress. Press on!

    The CalArts Graphic Design Program emphasizes both practical and conceptual skills, and enables each designer to integrate a command of visual language with imagination, theory and technology. Students are trained in print and publication design; web and interface design; motion graphics for broadcast and film; branding, identity and type design; as well as for careers in design history and education.

  • A tape was used for the item to emphasize progress showing the building process. Tapetype which is designed for this exhibition was made with straight lines and 45 degrees strokes using a tape. The colored typeface also shows the exhibition theme in a way that reveals the process of making each character. In the poster, a tape was attached to the paper as a backdrop.

  • Motion Design: Junki Hong, Yiyi Shao
    Sound Design: Gahyae Ryu

  • Works in Progress
    CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018
    May 5–10, 11am–7pm Daily

    MFA Project Manager: Kathy Bates
    BFA Project Manager: Kristin Schultz
    Branding & Gallery Graphics: Junki Hong
    3D Elements: Dameon Waggoner, Gia Ahn
    Promotion: Jisoo Han, Marina
    Digital Media: Yiyi Shao, Huicheng
    *Show Manager & Advisor: Louise Sandhaus