From San Francisco - Set Design

  • After more than 40 years of track record and being one of the fastest growing companies in the world, Benefit Cosmetics wishes to honor the city ​​where it was born, San Francisco. 

    The company needs a series of graphic resources to use in both online and offline media that directly mention to this famous city in California. 

    I have developed a craft set made in paper that includes some of the city icons, such as the famous Painted Ladies, the centenary Railway and the Golden Gate Bridge. The final goal is to create a graphic universe in which to bring different beauty products together to photograph them. UNPARDEDOS photographers helped me in the photographic shotting. 

    The final pictures have been designed as a nod both to the city and the brand.

    *This project is an academic and personal work I developed from a not real briefing.
  • Laughter is communication in its most direct form, something innate to human beings that can’t be taught. Among the many very good reasons to give in to the giggles is that laughing helps alleviate stress, strengthen the immune system and improves blood flow around the face, resulting in a fresh and radiant look. 

  • Some craft details 

  • Online & Offline media 

  • Behind the scenes

  • Some Set details

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