所聞 / Touch

  • “Touch” is a set of visual posters created with “interesting, meaningless” as the entry point. 
    It expresses the visual performance and subjective thinking of different nine themes such as “gambling”, 
    “cyber security” and “World Cup” and so on.​​​​​​​

  • “未來 / 為來” “無意義”設計展:
    For the future:
    The “For the future” meaningless design exhibition organized by Red Cloud. Builds the main vision with a rotating twisted crystal circle and intersecting rectangular exhibition information.

  • 2018俄羅斯世界杯:
    the World Cup: 
    With 2018 Russia World Cup as the background of creation. Visually restores a theme poster consisting of  football,  door frames and broken nets.

  • 賭:
    Two visual images were constructed with grid graphics: an endless abyss and a bottomless basket to describe gambling as a deeper pool of desires, and when it turned back, it was found to be a a fruitless one..

  • 窺慾:
    Prying desire:
    In addition to the convenience of the blowout of the network, the biggest problem is the disclosure of personal information. This poster has set up a view of "God" which naked peep of the online world.

  • 碎 × 圓:
    Broken × Complete: 
    The "complete" visual background consisting of broken "fragments" and the Chinese character "broken" composed of fragments are contradictory to each other to interpret the philosophical relationship between "broken" and “complete”: 
    Different perspectives convey different contents, and all things restrict and influence each other.

  • 無神論  /  No idol

  • 眾生相:

    All beings:
    The “crystal” with magnifying effect is overlaid on the word “all beings”,which means that there are tens of thousands of faces: the "appearance" that we can see, and the "truth" hidden inside. However, under the perspective of "Crystal", all the moves, such as pains, troubles, joys and sorrows, are all evident. 
    To admonish myself, the world is full of exaggeration, and only the "heart" is the truth.

  • 墜落:
    Simulate the effect of a bomb falling around people and things which had nothing to do with them.
    visually showing the "fall" in Chinese and English being split,broken, and divided after being hit by shrapnel.
    Alluding to the different ability of people to "verbal injury", whether "unintentional" or "targeted"  will have a huge long-term or short-term psychological impact on different people like a bomb.

  • 空:
    The pictographic method is used to construct the "empty" word into a three-dimensional outline. 
    Although it does not affect the recognition of the fonts, in fact, there is nothing in the heart, so as to see the abnormal social phenomenon of " outwardly strong but inwardlyweak"; At the same time, I also warned myself to maintain the youthful attitude and keep the original intention.

  • “所聞”是以“有意思,無意義”為切入點而創作的一套“無意義”海報,


    _Redcloud Studio.