Literatula Festival Map

  • Hello dear friends!
    This is a map of the route from Moscow to Tula for children literature festival "Literatula" 
  • Characters:
    Anton Chekhov and his dachshund in Melikhovo
  • Natalia Pushkina and her little son
  • Russian landscape painter Vasily Polenov at Polenovo
  • Leo Tolstoy near Yasnaya Polyana and Ivan Turgenev near Bezhin Meadow when they reconciled in 1878
  • Russian writer and scientist Andrey Bolotov in his family estate Dvoryaninovo
  • Festival people near the Tula Kremlin, nowadays
  • Work in progress:
    Initial concept sketch, google map screens, map outline
  • References for the cover:
    Leo Tolstoy liked to ride the bike. And sometimes he traveled from Moscow to Tula on the bicycle. 
    Therefore I decided to draw him on the cover and make him the symbol of this route.
  • Cover color options
  • Thank you for watching!