• Project Brief:
    The project was to design a zine that is about Situationist International (SI) and a subject of my choice, Unicorn. The goal was to combine those two contrasting subjects and to create a new idea and visual contents through multiple media. 

    Guy Debord (1931-1994), a key figure of the Situationist International, developed a central notion in the Situationist Theory, the Spectacle in his best-known work, La Société du Spectacle (The Society of the Spectacle) (1967). The spectacle means the mass media which influences our lives and beliefs daily. Debord arrests that the spectacle is a social relation among people, mediated by images. I was inspired by Guy Debord and the French revolution of May 68, which highly influenced by Situationists, and the following unicorn quote: "Unicorns are awesome, you are awesome. Therefore, you are a unicorn." Unicorn represents positive powers, such as happiness, courage, authenticity, and self-esteem. I developed the idea that let's be a unicorn to revolt against the spectacle and to improve or regain our self-esteem and self-confidence. That's why the title of the zine is U(you)nicorn Revolt (against the spectacle). The zine sends positive messages and encourages people to get real with what's going on in their lives, express suppressed emotions, and be their true selves.

    In order to deliver the messages, I created two multiplicity photographs using everyday objects to show the spectacle which surrounds us every day, everywhere—television, magazines, laptops(internet), camera(press), and images(propaganda poster). Also, the one that each figure with a unicorn head is to present the revolutionization of everyday life as Situationist International aimed to eliminate capitalism through. At the end of the zine, there are portraits with quotes about unicorn and self-esteem that exhibit our frustration from the spectacle and resistance to it to emphasize the final message—be free. be you.​​​​​​​ A motion piece is created to convey the spirit of the zine.

    Mini Zine:
    The mini zine, 프로파간다 / Propaganda, is about the society of the spectacle in North Korea and unicorn. While researching the two different subjects for the "Unicorn Revolt" zine, I found out this bizarre news: in 2012, North Korea announced that they found a unicorn lair in the capital, Pyongyang. It was a propaganda piece to make the leader of North Korea seem superhuman. Since the news is related to the subjects, and it is funny and interesting, I decided to design a mini zine. Inspired by Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea’s ruling party, I made a newspaper article about the unicorn lair in North Korean style to provide the indirect experience of what people in North Korea usually read. I used one of the North Korean propaganda posters to visualize its propaganda message—Kim Jong-un on a unicorn horseback.

    A student project at Art Center College of Design created under the guidance of Guillaume Wolf.
    Special thanks to: Rolando Castillo, Maxwell Fong, Ashley Kim, Aki Nam, Vei Rusli, Dannie Victoria, and Guillaume Wolf.



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