• Singakids
  • Year: 2017
    Client: Self-Initiated
    Creatives: Ryan Len, Ella Zheng

  • For most Singaporeans, our childhood essays were made up of pretty much the same characters: Xiao Ming, Xiao Hua, Muthu, Samy, Ahmad... Inspired by these kids, Singakids (Singapore Kids) is a versatile set of character icons created to be used for various educational projects.
  • One Who Wears Many Hats

    The beauty of Singakids is its ability to customise and take on any role — from uniforms, PE attires, CCA roles, and even ethnic costumes on Racial Harmony Day!
  • Highly Customisable & Mouldable

    Paired with different objects, the icons translate words to visual, communicating to the audience through a fun and vibrant way.
  • Thank you for appreciating our project.
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