Weltmeister 威马汽车

  • Weltmeister (owned by WM Motor Group) was founded by Freeman Shen, a former hotshot executive of Geely. WM Motor is one of several largely Chinese-funded EV startups which aims to deliver affordable vehicles and get ahead of local competition.

    “Weltmeister” is German for “world champion” and reflects the rising challenge to traditional carmakers from startup companies. This brand has been launched in December, 2017. 

  • Brand Basic
  • The root and meanings behind the Weltmeister's living logo.

  • Weltmeister's Colour, Typography and imagery

  • User Interface and components 
  • UI Design elements

  • Design principle
  • Flexible design application

  • Iconology

  • Brand Launch, Shanghai

  • * The whole project is build from scratch to completion during my employment at Strichpunkt Design, travel between Berlin,Stuttgart and Shanghai together with great team members from 2017 to 2018.