Cruz is a charismatic hand blender made for bartenders, to showcase their artistry in the performance of bartending. It is informed by an in-depth research study into various aspects of the blender, with an aim to design a dynamic hand blender that exists for not only its function, but for its showmanship.
  • Research was done into what type of forms would suit the motions and gestures involved with flair bartending, as well as other performance-based objects, such as the conductor's wand, batons and juggling pins.
  • A mood board was curated to express the shape and form of the blender. Form analogies borrowed from the mood board were used to inform the different parts of the blender.
  • Concept sketches to explore the possibilities of how the blender could take form.
  • The resulting form is one that is sleek, and has a slim waistline that spans from the head to the base. The volume had to be balanced enough to hold real-life components, with a simple power button to operate the blender. Cruz displays a verticality with lines that blend (pun intended) from a single point at the back, along the sides of the face and into the front body.
  • A minimal dock with mechanical fastening system holds the blender upright and poised elegantly, like a Brancusi sculpture.
  • Exploration of a muted colour scheme for CMF, exploiting the two-tone nature of this product. Made of food-safe 316 stainless steel with a matt textured back to aid grip, the colour palette here is mature and befitting of a luxurious context.