UBC — Food and Resource Economics

  • University of British Columbia
    Land and Food Systems | Master of Food and Resource Economics

    I was invited to develop an illustration for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC, to be used for posters and in the main banner of the website. 

    The illustration had the goal to showcase all the different aspects of their Master in Food and Resource Economics, with topics ranging from Agribusiness to policy-making. To facilitate that objective, I chose to divide the illustration into four distinct panels. These sections connect through use of continuing lines and shapes that span multiple panels.

  • Part 1 - International trade, environment and climate change, natural resources.
  • Part 2 - Agribusiness, research, technology.
  • Part 3 --Economic development.
  • Part 4 -- Business, policy making, management.
  • Initial sketch, and colour key.