Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set

  • Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
    Packaging, Branding, Editorial Design

    The objective for this project is to create a packaging set under the assumption of Aesop having their own product line for ceramics tableware. In order to match the already existing brand identity, a lot of considerations in design, user experience, and functionality were put into the process of developing this packaging. 

    This set retains the original natural and raw feeling that is crucial to Aesop while still having a minimal look to it that is not only easy for the customers to carry around but also offers security for the ceramics tableware. 

    Art Center College of Design Main Gallery at Hillside, 1101 Gx Gallery
    FachPack2019 Exhibition


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    The core idea is to create something that can be both stored and assembled easily while not taking a lot of space, the flat design of the cut out cardboard serves as a great solution since it offers a convenient way for the customer to carry their ceramics product home safely. 

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