Power Pops - Mission Flavored Popsicles

    Mission Flavored Popsicles

    Power Pops is a sweet idea with a strong message. The brand aims for social change, but its approach is different. It makes delicious and healthy ice creams that support causes and ideas. Made out of natural products and real fruits, the popsicles are limited and always linked to an idea. One can only find them at events signed by the brand. 
  • Task:
    Develop a brand identity that stands behind the brand name – Power Pops. 
    Ice creams having the power to change. 
    The tasty and healthy treats, favorite to many, are visually 
    intertwined with social causes the brand stands behind. 
  • Mark:
    The brand visuals carry the message of positive change. 
    Ice creams are a delight and loved by many, and love itself is
    the driving power of inspiration and changes in our surrounding world. 

  • Missions:
    The brand social engagement strongly relies on supporting different causes.
    The first two brand missions were the establishment of a LGBT center in Sofia 
    & gathering resources for a Bulgarian fund for women in arts and crafts.

    30% of al sales of popsicles and merchandise on each event 
    are donated to the respective cause.

  • Events:
    Logo modification and illustration 
    promoting brand participation in 
    SOFIA PRIDE 2017. 

  • Credits:

    Design & Creative Direction - Ivaylo Nedkov
    Client Service - Nadezhda Stefanova
    Animation - Zhelio Demerdzhiev

    Photography - Vasil Germanov