BANK app - Naples

  • About this app

    For your business, we make a daily selection of news of various topics. We track your interests and present only the necessary content that can affect your work. Wherever you plan to go, the app will be able to keep you up to date while you're away.

  • Login app

    An easy way to sign in and register a new user. Attaching a Bank card to a personal account maintenance, editing and much more that is necessary for the user. Providing quality services and round-the-clock support. Simple switching modes between personal and side accounts.

    Creating a Bank card configure, 
    remove, and add others
  • Micro - animations

    Micro - animations is a small, mostly functional animations that support the user provide visual feedback and more clearly reflect the changes. To improve user interaction with the application, thought through the animation on all the user transitions on the map of the application. Here's an example of a pair of these animations!

  • Screens

    Below are the working screens of the app!