• Candra Darusman is a well-known and famous singer in Indonesia and he has a voice that people will remember throughout the times. He just made his latest album with various Indonesian musician artists and composers. we had the privilege and honour to take part in building the concept for the album that could represents the time where Candra Darusman was born and started his carreer, so we took his birth date with all of his experiences and visualised it as seconds.​​​​​​​

    As you can see, the front cover of the album is a young and serious Candra Darusman and the back cover is him now, being the laid-back and mature character that he is now. in every photo of the album, there is a representation of every song in the album. Candra makes sure that there is meaningful lyrics that reminds him of the wonderful memories he lived throughout the years.

    from the packaging alone, this CD is designed with a packaging that slides and elegantly simple just like Candra Darusman himself. for every single photo from the song titles, we can see that there is a faint shadow detail from the photos that flows as the clock moves.

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