The European Parliament’s GDPR | Video

  • The European Parliament’s GDPR

    The aim was to communicate internally the upcoming radical change due to the new EU Regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR). The requirement was to have a tool that could highlight its impact on the company, engage the audience in an effective and easy way and, at the same time, help people memorize the details of the news.

    After a careful phase of elaboration of the content, we have identified a metaphor that helped us create a powerful storytelling: a personified box, representing the data-owner user. We then developed it and declined it on different media, such as an informative pdf, to be used both in a separate and integrated way and for all levels of communication.

    A video with handmade objects, where the legislative language has been simplified for a clearer and more comprehensible communication, and with a strong visual impact focused on the key words regarding the change.

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